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Originally Posted by sexytrouble View Post
BlueNote-Actually my dick is huge -it's so huge you couldnt handle it but that's ok -and it's ok that you act as petty as a highschooler-
And my girl has FANTASTIC TITS-bigger than your preported size anyway.
You get up in arms cause you know you are one of them that have to show their stuff all over media,

and I wouldn't post pictures of my dick on here BECAUSE I RESPECT MY GIRLFRIEND -if you were secure with your sexuality you WOULDN'T flaunt it all over the fucking place . PERIOD.

-but of course,notice there isn't ONE female who ISN'T into flaunting their sex all over that said anything?
Of course,it's only natural to defend yourselves and your stripper ways.
Start shit? Me? I'm not the one going all slutarooney online.
My big dick will safely stay unexploited by retards.
hehe dont you love how he just called us all highschoolers? and yet he goes on ranting about his HUGE dick, which is probably just huge compared to his little finger?

its a thread called 'the boob thread' if it offends you and your 7 day eventus (?) morals then why did you open it in the first place? are you looking for a fight? because us here, unless your in the chat, we dont often fight.. i think we should have that voice read back thing so you know you sound like a douche on the forums as well!

BTW. bewbs are awesome! id post a pic of mine, but im sure theres pics floating around somewhere in here!
I miss you WaD
is a "little redhaired nasty peice of hotness, my GP."

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