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Originally Posted by skizzbot View Post
But they just announced the addition of Soil and DevilDriver as being the last 2 bands for the second night, which felt like a kick straight to the nuts. Gah, Soil? SOIL? Seriously?! Last year we had Testament and Iced Earth close out the last 2 nights. And it was Iced Earth's first live show with Matt Barlow back behind the mic. Goddamn was that an exciting show. I suppose DevilDriver should put on an okay show... their new album is... well... not shit. But Soil? Come on now.
C'mon...Iced Earth?? Yeesh.

I actually really like Devildriver's latest album, from 2007, and this is coming from someone who hates Dez Fafara. I hear a new one is in the works.
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