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Originally Posted by skizzbot View Post
I completely agree. I was blown away that Eluveitie was able to reproduce their songs so well live. I thought for sure it would sound like a muddled mess, but it sounded fucking great. Plus seeing a shirtless, heavily tattooed, bearded dude running around on stage with fucking whistles, flutes and bagpipes was a trip. From what I hear they'll be releasing a new album here in a month or two, which is supposed to be completely acoustic, so we may hear some of those at the show in May. Hopefully we get a good dose of the heavy shit though.

But yeah, Eluveitie is a hard act to follow and I think Tyr's tunes just didn't cut it... I felt like all of the momentum of the show was lost when they started playing. Their not nearly as high energy as Eluveitie. I still dig their shit though.

"I give you the haaaammer of thoooor!"

Have you seen Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow live before? Not sure what to expect. Korpiklaani should provide some good tunes to get completely drunk too either way. haha
I think part of Tyr's problem was Eric the Red was their breakout album, and they didn't really play anything off of it, at least not at my venue. They played like 3 songs from the new album and left. It was like they knew they had no shot.

I don't believe Moonsorrow ever actually toured the US; I know they've played a fest or two, but I don't think they've actually toured. Korpiklaani might be in the same boat, too. All I know is I fucking Moonsorrow, and I just about wet my pants when I found out they were joining Paganfest.

I have to say, if Korpiklaani manages to have the same live presence Eluveitie does (which I think there is a high probability for it, given their sort of music), both of those bands playing back to back will be mind-blowing.
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