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Multiple Orgasms While Going Down?

So I'm curious, I've never really spoken to my girlfriend about this in the past. But every time I've been with a girl and I've gone down on them, which I quite enjoy. I will go until they start shaking and I usually get the top and make me stop going because they get too sensitive or whatever reason.

I'm not sure if its because every time I've gone down on a girl it ultimately resulted into sex, but its a possibility. However, after listening to Episode 908: Keith and The Girls, I'm curious.

Do girls always 'tap' or can't take anymore after a really intense clitoral orgasm and can't proceed? Or is it that for the most part after one of these events they just want sex that badly?

I'm pretty drunk at the moment, but I do care what I'm asking.

After re-reading what I had just posted, I guess in the past a certain length of time hadn't really passed. Immediately after the climax it would be the tap and straight to sex. I have never tried to wait for recovery and then go down again.

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