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I love it when Marina posts

I can never have more than one during oral sex without a break. The first few times I had oral sex with my first boyfriend I blacked out. We were doing the whole "save our virginities for marriage" thing so it's all he could do. Two years into our relationship, he went down, I blacked out, and then he told me that we had done it. Apparently when I black out I am also possessed by a sex demon with a dirty mouth. I think this is hilarious how I can't remember losing my virginity!

Luckily, this blackout stuff started not happening anymore. But after that, everytime he went down (which he needed to because he couldn't last long at all) I had that "penetration ache" as well.

So, to answer your question, the only time I've "tapped out" was after one because I was extremely sensitive. But if you wait a few minutes, you can probably try again...

...if you're not balls deep, that is
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