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Originally Posted by MichaelG
I like the fact Fans have a role in the show. Especially Annie, (She needs something extra in her life right now) But how serious should it be?
Please explain.

Sure i was baiting them, but not spamming or writing stupid shit over and over and over.
So what were you saying? And the term BAITING means you're looking to get something in return. Sounds to me like you got it.

The only time I expected to be banned was when i logged on as"ban me so I can go to bed" and i was. But for the whole night my IP was blocked. I couldnt' log on to chat when i got up./
Guess what. Temp operators can't ban. So if you were banned it was Keith. Are you going to start a thread calling out Keith for banning you?

If I want to go on the chat and tell MichaelG he's a fucking cunt that gets raped by dogs on a daily basis then I should be allowed.
And you would be. And not just because you were saying it to Michael

Originally Posted by stjoe
Last night people were getting kicked for saying things to people who were not mods. Either way, I agree. If Annie's abusing power like she was last night, someone should call her out on it and not get kicked for doing so.
Can I have an example? The whole thing moves fast. Perhaps I am out of line. I'm not saying that there isn't the possibility. But without letting me know a specific on here (or in a PM). It's pretty much just poking at me without me being able to give reason.
"Annie is cute like flowers made of candy." ---Keith

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