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Originally Posted by Annie
I agree. Give me an example where I froze/kicked someone who wasn't doing what mkl said (or that didn't come in with a name like "annieisawhore", then you might have a valid point. Until then, shake it off. I've been kicked/frozen/warned too.
What did I say once? "Is this a boring show?" and was kicked out I believe. Often I am booted by Mali before I even can select my text color.

Oh right. I said "Pedologues hasn't updated their feed in almost 2 weeks." a perfectly true and valid statement, and was kicked out for that. Reminds me of the christian chat room I used to frequent where we'd start talking about baseball and a power-hungry op would say "Stop talking about baseball." and freeze anyone who continued to do so.

Edit: I've been kicked for mentioning Dawn and Drew or Free Talk Live. Any excuse to press the kick button is enough for them.
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