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Originally Posted by MichaelG
I think iw as Frozen twice and then it kicked me out. I was banned before, last night, and i thought it was the same thing.
Keith cares what in the chat? Why?
From experience having been frozen/kicked multiple times - it does not create a ban.
If you were banned. It's because someone did it. And temps don't have banning powers.

Ok - so - final thoughts on this - I apologize to everyone who has "hurt feelings". As a person who doesn't "fear" being frozen (and I have been more than once) or kicked (that too), I haven't taken the whole thing seriously. We were never told too take it too seriously. I've never gone down a list and just randomly froze or kicked. There are no "standards" or "rules" for what is something that should get froze/kicked/or just ignored. As far as the baiting... you wouldn't bait a bear and expect any other response than a bite,etc. So why bait a person with freezing powers, if not to expect to get frozen. It all depends on what gets said. I joke with people, i have people insult me, etc and i don't do anything to them. So - whatev - I'm fine with not having "the powers". Maybe I was being a jerk, maybe I wasn't. It's all a difference of opinion.
But I still stand by saying all this is being said without example (other than coconut) so it's really hard to judge either way.
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