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Originally Posted by stjoe
I think you're taking this way too personally, Annie. No one's attacking you here. The point is that, just like the forums, anything goes in the chat. Remember Paul? Paul tried to stop certain types of posts from happening on the forums and Keith screamed into his mic about it. Paul started the KatG forums and now is no longer running them, no longer a mod, and no longer around at all. You can say that these are all generalizations all you want, but 'in general', anything goes... that includes the chat.

I'm not asking for you specifically to stop being a mod, or for anyone to stop being a mod. We need them in the chat, badly. And as mkl said, if KatG keeps making you a mod and are happy with the way you're doing things, then good, and fuck all us whining bastards (why does it always have to be whining? Apparently difference of opinion can't just be that).

My points exazctly...

DJQ can you close this thread? Leave it open for all to see but just "freeze it"
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