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Originally Posted by mkl
If you review my posting history, I've been on a high horse for quite some time if you want to call it that.
I just don't understand these stupid complaints about shit. If you don't like the way Keith or Chemda is running something (like how they pick moderators for the chat) email them directly instead of bitching about it in public. Then Keith can be the one to tell you to fuck off instead of me on a forum.
Why did you start this thread michaelG? What was the point?
Don't worry about me getting hurt, I don't take internet chats serious enough to let it hurt me. You might want to look into the same strategy.
Why did you bring up Keith? Is he supposed to run to your defense about this issue? I learned along time ago Keith doesn't care what I say about HIS show, he runs it the way he want it be damned the critics. And I never complained about WHO is a mod, that only concerns the egos of those picked or not picked.

If you paid attention, my concern was for new listener who want to join the chat, they think it an open chat (like the forums), say something wrong and get warned or banned. What kind of impression does that send? A Dane cook message in my opinion; "we only allow a chat that doesn't say anything bad about the host or the Mods"

I am only in the chat maybe once every 3 weeks, ad that may be MY problem. Maybe because I don't visit the chat daily, I was not accustom the the "rules" i will not let my first impression ruin what others enjoy.
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