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Originally Posted by mkl
"I am only in the chat maybe once every 3 weeks, ad that may be MY problem. Maybe because I don't visit the chat daily, I was not accustom the the "rules" i will not let my first impression ruin what others enjoy."

Maybe that is your problem, you just haven't seen the environment you are complaining about enough. I am in the chat fairly frequently, and you know what? People get warned, people get kicked, its all in good fun. Not too many people get their ego bruised by something like that and decide not to come back. If they do decide not to come back because they were hurt by it, they just don't seem like they'd be KATG fan material. Hell, Chemda nor Keith have any problem kicking/warning people for whatever, the current mods are following their leads.
How about you come, hang out in the chat more often, and when you get a genuine feel for what is going on...then you can at least have some knowledge about what you are talking about.
I'm gonna agree with MKL on this one. From what I've seen and experienced, any and all of the kicking/freezing has been in good jest, or with good reason. But seriously, it's a fucking chatroom. Does it matter that much? If you're that insulted or hurt by someone kicking you, than I think you have more serious issues to be concerned with.
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