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Suck A Monkey Dick Wednesday

Dear Keith and Chemda,

Since listening to your show since the beginning I know how you like to promote Suck a Dick Wednesday and that you are not ones to discriminate against anyone. You are equal opportunity offenders against everyone. That being the case I feel that you have been neglecting our brothers in the Animal Kingdom just a little too much and may need to promote blowjobs amongst them also before those fucking bastards at PETA start to protest against you.

Here is an attached photo that was taken at a local zoo as PROOF that Suck a Dick Wednesday works for everyone, even hairy fucking animals. Please let everyone know that they should also buy a t-shirt for their pets because this is AMERICA and even animals that sleep in their own shit could use a good blowjob once in a while.

Your friend,
Patrices Hootie-Who
(aka Scott from Nebraska)

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