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Literally, right now I'm playing Empire: Total War on my pc. I've loved the entire Total War series, but agree with some that have said that it's better suited to pre-guns eras. Medieval: Total War has been my favorite game for years and the only game I've ever gone back to play over and over again. Usually my short attention span is limited to playing a game just long enough until another cool game comes out- and rarely returning. The turn-based strategy allows for nice toking-while-playing with little stress.

Earlier this morning I was kicking the shit out of the Russians (who had been whooping my ass earlier) in Tom Clancy's Endwar. While it's a far departure from the typical squad-based 3rd person war sim and got mediocre reviews, I really dig it. It's pretty arcady, but the AI is challenging and the graphical modeling is exquisite.
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