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I never used the list, it was shown to me by a person who did. And it's not meant for people who are in an established relationship and like BDSM but more for people from the BDSM comunnity who plan SM sessions. It's like the hanky code in the gay circuit, it's supposed to help out people with clarifying some of their more extreme turn on and turn offs.

Generally, if you're in an ongoing and healthy sexual relationship, things should come natural...

Two bits about the show: people who lash out at Obama for half a joke he said on LENO are just whiny assholes who are looking for an excuse to bitch about him. Plus, retarded people are not that sensitive about jokes, it's always their parents who are. I worked with some kids with down syndrome or various handicaps and more often than not they were the ones to crack jokes on their own condition. The parents were the bitchy, overprotective ones who were more busy complaining than loving their own kids. Fuck those people, i guess that angry attitude is just a cover up of their own idiotic isssues with their kids (They're embarassed at them, so they get angry even at a vague hint to a joke. The kids couldn't give a fuck).

One more: Chemda' attitude on the open relationship issue is just great. She's open to discuss everything with keith if any problem should arise. I wish there were more people like her (or keith) that are open to discussion, than the majority of "like it or leave it" beings that are out there.

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