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vasectomy facts

I had a vasectomy after my third child was born 8 years ago.

The way it works is they give you instructions. You have to submit a sample and they test it to see if there's any semen still there. Although the tube that brings the semen to the penis is cut, some semen can still be left in the penis-end of the tube for a while until it gets flushed out. Only after they test the sample and find no traces of semen will you get a formal letter giving you an "all clear" Until then you are told to continue to use other forms of birth control.

They recommended waiting until 30 ejaculations before submitting your sample. My bride was so keen for us to get the all-clear, she blew me every night for a month. Great times. Fantastic knowing what I was coming home to every day for that month. I love blow jobs (really, maybe more than most, which is saying a lot). But what was interesting is that after a month I was really missing "vanilla sex" and even was almost bored of BJs. That hasn't happened to me since.

This month I saw on a facebook profile of girl who I knew in high school and read that she has two children over 12 and one under 3. Often when there's that large a gap in someones' kids ages, it means an "oops" hapened in the birth control department. She made some comment that vasectomies don't always last forever and how she learned the hard way!

Mines worked fine for 8 years, and as happy as I am to be a parent and as much as I love my children, I'm not about to let that happen to me!

So what happened to her, I've made an appointment next week to have my cum checked for semen again. I plan to do this every x years, just in case.

England might have silly ideas of comedy, thinking men need to dress as women, be at least the national health here means this procedure is free for me.

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