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Ok I don't listen live very often, so I guess my feedback skills are lacking. Let me explain...

I wasn't joking. I dated a guy briefly, pretty much based on the fact that he was a Dom and I am a sub. I had never explored my machochisic tendancies before and I was intrigued. We took things too fast, we didn't communicate (no safe word, etc) and it ended badly. It was a learning experience.

He would do things like tell me exactly what to wear and what to eat (very 'Secretary'-esque). We fooled around but never had sex. During fooling around he would be very rough with me, spit on me, etc. LIke I said I was feeling the whole thing out, so I wanted to experience everything before I decided what exactly I was into.

One day, he told me to leave my door unlocked, he told me what to wear and that was all I knew. I assumed he was coming over but I didn't know when. Eventually, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, he threw me to the ground, punched me (probably more in the head than in the face but I had my arms up to protect my face at this point), pulled his dick out, jerked off in my hair, and left. That was it.

This taught me that in order to enter into any sort of relationship like this, you have to TRUST each other. I was stupid and I could have gotten hurt. I don't think this guy meant me any harm, we just didn't talk about it enough and that's what happened.

Now I do still consider myself a masochist and but I explore within the confines of a trusting, commited relationship. It's much better and there's just nothing wrong with being slapped in the face and called a cunt by the one you love.
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