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Originally Posted by WildEyes3 View Post
lol. <3

Alrighty, it's all scabbed up now, but i think we're going to re-do the U... It didn't strike as well as the rest.

Honestly, I'd just let it go. A lot of scarification heals terribly. Just head over to the good old BMEzine to see before and after photos of scarification of both brands and cuts. Scar tissue is somewhat unpredictable. I once met a girl in Toronto who had a bad ass 'cat' cut into her upper arm by this guy named 'Blair' (who is a well known body mod guy in the community, just google Blair, Toronto, bodymod, etc.). It looked great at first, but over the course of a couple months the scar tissue increased and became so 'puffy' that any resemblance of a cat was long gone. It just looked like a big pink mess. Maybe he's gotten better, but in my opinion it's not worth the risk. If you really want some nice body art, stick with a tattoo.

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