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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
You know, I read that Game Informer cover story and was just disappointed from start to finish. I cannot believe you get to play as a Big Daddy, essentially rendering the one-on-one encounters with Splicers meaningless. And a persistent Nemesis-like enemy that hunts you? No thanks to that, not to mention the thought of Bioshock multiplayer.

But...I dunno. I thought that footage actually looked kinda sweet. If this game even comes close to the original in my heart, it will have achieved a great thing.
I like that they changed it up, to be honest. I played that game already, I don't want more of the same. Now that you're a Big Daddy it changes how you fight, who you fight, how you interact with the environment and how you interact with the Little Sisters.

As for the Splicers, they're now attacking you for your Adam and they're doing it en mass. So now you when you're using a Little Sister (who you can harvest or adopt) to extract Adam, you need to plan for this swarm that's going to be attracted to it.

The Big Sister can hunt you down anywhere on the level, which is a nice reversal of you hunting Big Daddies in the first game, waiting for the right moment to attack. You also play as the prototype of the Big Daddy and, well, she seems to be the oldest Little Sister.

Multiplayer's an odd one - they're not saying anything about it, other than it's not co-op, which makes me think it's not going to be straight forward.

Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Actually, the best thing I've heard about it is Ken Levine saying 2K Marin is "capable", and that 5 people from Irrational went to Marin.

But I don't know who those 5 people are, or what they do, and I don't know if Levine is being a bit of a corporate shill / naive optimist.
He's on as a 'consultant' but what that means is anyone's guess.

Personally, I feel like if they're going to make a sequel to Bioshock (and, by God, they are) I'm glad it's looking like an interesting one.
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