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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
He said in an interview recently he has absolutely nothing to do with the game. He doesn't know what they're doing, and he said he kind of likes that because he can play a fresh, new BioShock experience along with everyone else.

"I'm probably not the guy to ask [about BioShock 2] because the team at 2K Boston and I aren't working on it. We're not involved in any way; never have been. It's entirely in 2K Marin's capable hands. Frankly, I'm trying to keep myself at a distance from it so I, like all the other fans out there, can play it fresh when it's done." - Ken Levine

Q&A: Ken Levine talks BioShock, reminisces about X-Com - News at GameSpot
Ha! I guess it means nothing, then.
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