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Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
Also kind diamond rocks, I'm looking forward to the new mercyful fate.
Whenever that happens. I'm not holding my breath, I'll say that much.
Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
kalmah suck hard, pretty generic stuff also there singer made ensiferum go down hill.
Kalmah ain't bad, and you're getting your melodic death metal bands confused; Petri Lindroos is the new vocalist of Ensiferum, and he's from Norther, which ain't a terrible band, either.

Victory Songs obviously wasn't as good as the s/t or Iron, but it was fucking good, and I definitely wasn't expecting that, between Jari leaving and Dragonheads.
Originally Posted by Rock 'n' Rye View Post
Bob has music integrity, you're a picky little boy chasing the Zeitgeist of the metal community two years ago...
Originally Posted by tga View Post
"Metalcore" is the gayest term ever and coming from a gay guy, that should say something! Metal is metal - some of it is comercial, some isn't. Instead of worrying about whether noone has heard of a band of if loads of people like it, can't we just appriecate the music? /end hippy dippy post.
No, you jerkoff. There is a stylistic difference between metalcore and other subgenres. The purpose of classifications like that is so that people can find what they like. I hate hardcore, so it's helpful for me to know what has hardcore influences. That's why there's death metal, melodic death metal, folk metal, industrial metal, doom metal, post-metal, etc. etc. etc., so that I don't have to sift through every fucking band ever just to find the stuff I like because some hippie had to be a jerk.
Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Lamb of God were very good live, but the same day Devildriver were far better. Their debut and Wrath are very good albums though.
DevilDriver is better than Lamb of God at every step, and they still play into the same macho bullshit, but I guess if you aren't screaming constantly you don't get quite the attention.
Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
King Diamond is a genius, and his theatrics are amazing, but i prefer him with Mercyful Fate.
Don't Break the Oath certainly is his crowning achievement, but Abigail, Fatal Portrait, "Them", and Conspiracy come damn close. It's not like I need to pick, though.

Anyway, I know we moved on from Megadeth, but I'm going to bring it back for a moment: Dave Mustaine says guitarist Chris Broderick is better than Marty Friedman.
Originally Posted by Dave Mustaine
Now, Let me tell you about Chris Broderick’s soloing!

This guy is like Tony Montana. I have never ever heard a guitar player this good. Sorry Marty, I try to keep you in the fans memory, but they are going to have a hard time once they hear Chris. I mean we all worked hard to get Chris to where he is right now, but nothing that I could have done, and I mean very little, if not zero was contributed by me. Chris is a genius, a virtuoso, a master, and I am the proudest I have ever been in my musical life right now.

Even Justis said, “He stomps Marty Friedman dad.” What a blessing to have such a cool son!!!
Given that MegaDave's songwriting certainly seems influenced by what guitarist he is working with at the time, this sounds promising. I might be setting myself up for disappointment, but the last three albums have been really good.

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