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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Careful bro, those of us that don't think Killswitch Engage saved metal or that Lamb of God is the most awesomest band ever tend to been seen as asshole elitists 'round here.

Props on the King Diamond though. That man is a genius.
Don't worry dude, i just see you as an over opinionated, close minded metal purist... kinda like a catholic that claims to be accepting of all people but is quick to shit on and shut down anyone that disagrees with them. I can live with that, at least i'm open to other forms of metal other than those that fit your strict code. I like to think of you as a boy band fan that loves the Backstreet Boys but will flame anyone out for liking Nsync.

Calm down though, i'm not going to push my opinions on you as you seem to like doing to others. How you can call yourself a metal fan when you shit on a fair amount of the bands mentioned in this and other metal threads is beyond me but you keep rocking on there dude.
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