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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Don't worry dude, i just see you as an over opinionated, close minded metal purist... kinda like a catholic that claims to be accepting of all people but is quick to shit on and shut down anyone that disagrees with them. I can live with that, at least i'm open to other forms of metal other than those that fit your strict code. I like to think of you as a boy band fan that loves the Backstreet Boys but will flame anyone out for liking Nsync.
Hey cocksucker: you don't get to call someone closed minded because what they like doesn't happen to be what you like. How many bands have I mentioned, and you're like "Well I don't like that genre." Really? How many fucking subgenres of metal are you allowed to not like, but I can't have my one? You're really hypocritical.

Plus, open-minded? Why do you want to pretend that I don't give metalcore a chance? Really? I'm not allowed to not like a subgenre that is so influenced by an entire other genre it takes on half its name? I can name a shitload of bands you have no idea about, so I obviously have a passion for the genre, but for some reason I'm prejudiced against metalcore? What's more, there are good metalcore bands. You obviously have a lot of trouble comprehending things if you think I'm saying the whole genre's crap. And I believe I've stated this before. What I'm saying is that 1) most metalcore bands are better known than their talent warrants, 2) the genre has very little variety (this you cannot deny), and 3) I have a problem with people who are too specifically metalcore. You have a very specific type of metal you listen to, serial, and you do not budge out of it. I have shit that varies from vehement, blasting black metal, to traditional/thrash metal, from chugging death metal to keyboard heavy power metal, from symphonic black metal to flute filled Christian folk metal. Obviously I have a wide range, but all I see from you and your kind is the super fucking macho down-tuned chugging, and that's it.

So what's more open-minded here? Sludge isn't my thing, and yet I judge it fairly.

Post-metal isn't my thing, and yet I judge it fairly.

Metalcore isn't my thing, and yet I judge it fairly.

Let's take a tally, serial, of how many subgenres each of us likes, and then let's see who likes more of metal as a whole. You want to keep stressing metal as a whole? Fine then. Why the fuck are you pushing one specific piece, and not the whole?
Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Calm down though, i'm not going to push my opinions on you as you seem to like doing to others. How you can call yourself a metal fan when you shit on a fair amount of the bands mentioned in this and other metal threads is beyond me but you keep rocking on there dude.
Dude, most of the bands you mention that I shit on aren't hurt by me saying anything against them. Everyone already knows all the shit you listen to. You're years behind.

The bands that get hurt are the obscure ones that have a lot of talent but are ignored by people who just want chugging and yelling and bravado and that's fucking it.

Also, I don't care if you push your opinions, and you shouldn't care if I push mine. I was obviously taking a shot at you, not telling you to shut up. If I wanted that to happen, I would have said nothing.
Originally Posted by lithunica View Post
oh I didnt know he was in Ensiferum, although you have to admit 95% of Melodic Death Metal is pretty generic, they are like BoyBands of metal
Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
From what I have heard they have started writing new material, I'm hopefull for a new album.
No, they're not. The last word from King is that he hopes there will be a new Mercyful Fate album at some point, but there's something going on with rights or something that has to be finished up first. He's not doing anything right now but dealing with the live DVDs for both bands and remastering some King Diamond albums. They're going to start writing for King Diamond sometime this year, but they haven't even gotten to that yet.

I wouldn't expect much from him for awhile, he's still laid up by his back problem and said there's a 90% chance he'll be able to even tour in 2010.
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