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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
No, they're not. The last word from King is that he hopes there will be a new Mercyful Fate album at some point, but there's something going on with rights or something that has to be finished up first. He's not doing anything right now but dealing with the live DVDs for both bands and remastering some King Diamond albums. They're going to start writing for King Diamond sometime this year, but they haven't even gotten to that yet.

I wouldn't expect much from him for awhile, he's still laid up by his back problem and said there's a 90% chance he'll be able to even tour in 2010.
"Hank [Shermann, guitar] has written songs [for the proposed Mercyful Fate CD]. And he is ready for our new masterpiece," King Diamond is quoted as saying.

I remember reading some other stuff, probably won't be out anytime soon but it sounds like its in the works.
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