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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Yawn dude, you have a talent of saying a lot without really saying anything at all.

Yep, i'm years behind. Fuck me for listening to weekly metal radio shows, googling new bands, supporting the local metal scene and pre-ordering music from the bands i like. I guess paying for music yet to be release classifes me as being behind the times.

I'm a hypocrite? Fuck you dude, if you were half as open minded as you claim to be we wouldn't be having this discussion. And you claiming that you judge things fairly is bullshit, you've done nothing but shit on "metalcore" and other such genres across more threads than just this one.... that's hardly judging it fairly. If you're being serious than you're a fucking liar.
See? You completely dodge my challenge, my proof, my logic, and my charges.

I haven't said anything about how devoted you are to the music you like, and defending that proves nothing. I have no doubt that you like metalcore, and that you're passingly interested in finding new bands (it shouldn't take 6 years to go from KsE to Aborted), and that you genuinely like and support the music you listen to. I would also point out that only really popular bands offer pre-orders.

"Other such genres"? And which would those be? ...Metalcore? And, um... hardcore? And metalcore? Oh wait, it's just one. The only one you like.

You just bluster about how you're not a hypocrite, but you won't dare compare tastes. You know for a fact the YouTube videos I've posted have been far more diverse than yours, so you'll just continue to insist your claim, without any evidence.
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