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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Seriously? How many fucking times have i said it's ALL metal. Yes, i'll agree that i'm particularly passionate about one or two sub-genres but it's all under the guise of metal and i like A LOT more bands than the ones i tote about on here. I wasn't aware i had to protest my love of every single band i like in order to please you. If i did, we'd be here for days and i have many more things i'd rather be doing.
Oh, here we go. Only later do you edit something in.

Dude, metalcore is as much metal as it is hardcore. Why am I obligated to like a hybrid just because I like one element of the combined two? I wouldn't like a punk/metal hybrid, would you? I wouldn't like a pop/metal hybrid, would you?

Nice, the "I don't have time for this" card. That's right, you don't have time to have me and you drop an atom-bomb of metal knowledge in a public forum, thus supporting all those bands, you'd rather fuck off and assure yourself that you're totally open-minded and I'm a cunty bigot.

EDIT: Oh, also, I don't know why you won't accept, especially considering you tried to tell me a metalcore band wasn't metalcore one time. You should be especially confident that I'm wrong if you don't even know your own genre very well.
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