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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Yeah I already started a pointless debate with Bob along a similar line and yet when I posted a link to my friends band Mourning the Memory (shameless promotion) and his opinion was fair and a bit nicer than I expected.

I love the genre of Metal Bob hates, and vice versa. All is fair and its trivial to try and figure out who is more open minded or whatever.

Its all fucking metal, lets just rock out and keep it real.
See? Even a guy whose balls I busted says I'm fair. Though I would say that it is not at all trivial to figure out who is more open-minded, as serial very clearly set the terms of closed-mindedness as "doesn't like a genre of metal". So let's see how many serial doesn't like compared to me, and we will have our answer. But serial would rather fuck off than talk about metal.

I've been waking up every night to this song (it's one 30 minute song; the first uploaded part doesn't have a high-quality version for some reason, but the following two do), and it's been fucking awesome. I recommend everybody do the same.

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