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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Go fuck yourself. I'm no longer reading anything you have to say.

I make $9 an hour, I pay all my bills, and I eat shitty just so I can buy tickets for shows, pay for a fuckload of $30 shirts, buy the CDs, etc. etc.

There's no excuse for not supporting the artists, you're just a cheap shit who doesn't care about the music.
I make 30 a week, that just about enough to cover my drinking and smoking habits plus the occasional big concert.

I also care alot about the music, I go to any local gigs I can, there the ones who really need support and big concerts where I can afford, that's really what supports bands, a band will get more money from me going to one concert and getting a shirt at it than they would be buying 4 or 5 albums from my local shop.
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