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Originally Posted by Wonky View Post
What's wrong with accepting fat people the way they are? Someone's weight doesn't seem like a very good reason to reject them.
When your weight is representative of personal failings it is a reason not to accept it. I don't accept sloth and indolence. It's not my thing. I find them to be character flaws. So do many, many people. Sloth and Gluttony, 28.5% of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And that's the other issue: being fat is unhealthy, and in a world of shared resources and shared conditions I don't accept an unnecessary and self-inflicted condition that hurts us all. If you're on Medicare your heart attack hurts me. If you consume more fuel because you weigh down your car that hurts everyone.

People reject others sexually on weight alone all the time, too.

Stop being a fat enabler.
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