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Originally Posted by Wonky View Post
How am I enabling anything? I'm just curious why people seem to be so angry at fat people when their weight really has no bearing on anyone else's life. That gas shit is weak and smokers present much more of a burden to the public health system than obesity does. It's quite possible to be overweight and perfectly healthy. I'm not a fan of gluttony and sloth either, but that doesn't make all fat people worthless human beings in my eyes. That is all I'm saying.
Why is it weak? There are plenty of studies that show that being obese has a major impact on the planet, even moreso than smoking.

Consuming extra calories, especially extra calories from meat, produces a ton of greenhouse gases. 20% more food calories for a majority of a population is a, pardon the pun, huge deal. It's a, pun again, bigger issue than people who drive SUVs when taken into account over a lifetime.

Thinner is better to curb global warming, study says -

Every human life has worth, but "fat acceptance" implies accepting fat without judgment.

I don't accept something that:

a. Does have a bearing on my life, both in the form of public health expenditures and environmental depletion.


b. Is a voluntary condition of infirmity brought on by gluttony and sloth. Maintaining a healthy body weight requires less caloric input. That, in turn, can on a large scale lower food prices and help everyone.

I have a problem with smokers, too. I think smoking should automatically disqualify you from any public health payments. Why can't I have a problem with both, though?

We live in a tough world. A tough world demands strong values, not simply accepting human weakness and shrugging at it. We all need to cowboy up and deal with our problems, each and every one of us. "Fat acceptance" stands in complete contrast to this by acting like being fat is both irrevocable and natural. It is neither.
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