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Originally Posted by Wonky View Post
I very much agree that it's bad for the planet to eat meat (I'm a vegetarian) and I believe that smokers should quit or be helped to quit and if they don't then sure, ban them from public health care. Consuming too much is bad for everyone, but that's been the American Way since WWII so I'm not going to blame it all on overeaters.

(It looked like you were basing your argument on the fact that fat people weigh down cars and thus use more fuel. I wonder how many of us could unload 100 pounds of shit out of the trunks of our cars and use less fuel.)

I guess the only thing that makes my bleeding heart bleed is that fat people get automatically hated on like 100% of the time. It seems like assumptions are instantly made about their lazy, stupid, selfish selves and they have an uphill battle in all types of relationships, which sucks and doesn't seem fair. Go ahead and hate on mindless gluttony, fine, but assumptions and an automatic check in the "worthless" column based on appearances doesn't seem right. For me, it's a fat version of 'don't hate the player, hate the game'.
People who drive SUVs get judged on their consumption.

People who wear outrageously expensive clothing and jewelry get judged on their consumption.

People who smoke publicly get judged on their consumption.

People who have any representation of over-consumption that they display publicly (willingly or unwillingly) get judged.

It's that simple. Maintaining extra pounds means extra calories. Which means a lot of extra consumption. 20% more caloric consumption means that you're the human equivalent of an old beat-up Pontiac with a screwed up engine.

It's voluntary. If you voluntarily put yourself into a position that's physically uncomfortable, debilitating in the health department, and that is overly consumptive, guess what? Screw you. Losing weight ain't impossible, and I'm not sorry for people who choose not to lose it.

If you hate on people for towing their fat SUVs around you'd better do the same for the fat asses. It's not different, and acting like it is to preserve the dainty feelings of not-so-dainty people is disingenuous. You're trying to preserve your feelings and the feelings of others in the same way that you would if someone you cared about got a gas-guzzling car.

Being fat is selfish, being fat is stupid, and being fat is in part the result of laziness. Show me a fat person who has made a real, legitimate, concerted effort to not be fat (that they stuck with and that wasn't a completely bullshit plan) and I'll show you someone who's not as fat.

Sometimes our assumptions are true, at least to an extent.
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