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About the fat issue:
In my case, I just recently found out that I was not able to lose weight due to having a fucked up thyroid (based on the chat and forums, seems to be more common than I thought). I am not overweight because I overeat or do not exercise. I've eaten relatively healthy my whole life, don't drink nor smoke, and have always done sports (soccer, basketball, softball, martial arts).
I once did a little experiment to see if I could lose weight, so I took it to the extreme; did 9 hours a week of martial arts (taekwondo), 5 hours a week of Dance Dance Revolution on standard (if you've tried it, you know it's a workout) and ate healthy. Did this for 5 months and lost.... no weight (but I did get a green belt in taekwondo and kicked many people's asses at DDR)
So all I am saying is that one shouldn't immediately equate fat to laziness / bad eating habits.
On the other hand, if you're fat because you're a lazy bum and/or eat shit every day…Stop it, get off your lazy ass and do something about it! Put that Twinkie down NOW!

About the Poll:
I voted "Yes; quit acting like your fat problem is really MY problem." People should be responsible for who they are, and not force other to adapt to them.
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