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I think what everyone is missing is the fact that fat people are real people. Maybe they do have emotional issues or are just weak people or maybe it is hereditary. Who cares what the reason is. Why do you all feel the need to pick on them and hurt them? DO you really think you are telling them things they don't already know? Insulting them doesn't do anything but make you feel better about yourself.

Do you attack the disabled? blacks? anyone who you don't like?

I just don't see the reason behind the hatred I see in this thread. These people are not shoving donuts in your face and making you live their life. I guess my main point is you don't have to like it or support it, but attacking people based on their weight is no different than attacking people because they are black, or Hispanic. Even if the reason they are what they are is different...the reason you attack them is not. It's because you just don't like them. Same reason people are racist.

For the record no I am not fat because I know that will be the first thing said.
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