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Originally Posted by dzagama View Post
Regards to fat people, society tends to be incredibly welcoming when they change. As you've seen, I usually complement people who lose weight.

Fattyism isn't an out-and-out rejection, like racism.

I'd never compliment an Asian.
If you met me on the street, you'd still think I was a fatty, not knowing how much I've lost. If I tell people, who have never had to struggle with their weight, that I had surgery in order to loose the weight, then they think I "took the easy way out". It wouldn't matter if i told them that I was on a year long low calorie diet, supervised by my doctor, and i worked out for an hour 5 times a week and only lost 50 pounds in that year. Sugery is still considered somehow cheating.

If you have never been fat, you don't understand the out and out rejection that happens. The snide comments that people say, the dirty looks, etc. I'm now more of an "exceptable" fat person, and the differance is amazing from when i was 350 pounds to now.

I know i shouldn't open this door into my life, i'm too sensitive. I know that this is just the flavor of the day, and that's fine. But if you've never been there then you don't know what it's like to feel the out and out hatrad.

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