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Quit acting like this is racism or a disability. It's not.

You don't choose to be black. You don't choose to be paralyzed. You don't choose to be born without limbs.

You do, however, choose to be fat. Oh, not all at once. It's not some decision people make spur of the moment, it's a long trend of self-neglect that ends in Lipid City, but it's still a choice.

If somebody hurts themself doing a dangerous activity we generally do not feel very sympathetic towards them, i.e. people who hurt themselves in stuff like extreme sports or smoking. Why should fat be different?

Acting like it's something you're born with or some irrevocable condition only hurts fat people. It condemns them to being unhealthy for the rest of their life, and actually condones it.

I am unapologetically against fat and the moral flaws that contribute to one becoming fat. I support wholeheartedly anyone's real effort to make a change.

That does not mean, however, that I can't find being fat wrong, and morally bankrupt. If you've ever criticized someone for driving an SUV because it's using more car and oil than they need you have to come down against fat, because that person's using more EVERYTHING than they need. Calories, fabric, gas and other fuels, seating space, all of it.
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