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Originally Posted by UrbanManatee View Post
I was fine with people disagreing with me Keith, thats what the discussion was about. It stops being a discussion and becomes a personal attack when you say things like.

"Don't do me any favors, pig lover.
And why aren't you fucking one of these behemoths you love them so much?"
"Your friends disgust me. You can tell them I said that. Just get ready to duck from all the cookie crumbs when they respond."

And I assume you mean you dont care about my answer now because you found out I am married to an overweight gal. I couldnt know what the fuck Im talking about becasue I live with someone who deals with this issue.

I heard every word you and everyone else said. I was tackling what people were talking about. I said I dont like special interest groups of any kind. No one was talking about if people saying being fat is healthy for people. I was responding to the things people said. For what it is worth, it is not healthy or unhealthy. Being fat will never be acceptable for the general public, no one WANTS to be fat. The people who are fat dont WANT to be fat...they just dont want to be made to feel bad about themselves and like less of a person for it.

I've listened to you for a while and I know that once you have an opinion no one can change your mind. You dont really care what I have to say, you just care that I disagree with you.

With that in mind Im going to stop posting now and just let the matter be. I didn't want to start anything and dont see where I was out of line with anything I said. but I cant just ignore you insulting me and my wife like you did.

You should take up cutting yourself to deal with your angst. Then start a group speaking out against fat pigs who slash themselves and how we should accept them.
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