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Originally Posted by WildEyes3 View Post
Hey guys! Like a ridiculous KATG zombie, the second Chemda said: "Someone get a brand!" in a past episode, I started scheming.

Here's what ended up happening:

I ended up being the main entertainment at a party my crew had last night, and my friends branded me with some bent metal (as shown in a pic below) and touched it up with a heated up metal fork. O.o I have never had such a big endorphin and seratonin rush in my life. It felt GOOD. Better than getting pierced or tattooed.

I'm going to post more pictures once it's healed more and looks less shitty (brands always look shitty in the beginning :P)

Oh, and just to note, it's on my right hip/thigh.

I sent Keith and Chemda an email that explains more -- hopefully they read it.


is your hair really a green/blue mix? post up a bigger pic plz
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