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Originally Posted by shantastic View Post
so does she stink or just not smell all flowery? clarify.

if she straight up stinks, i would just be like, "hey, i really like you but your odor offends me." then offer to bathe her. or buy her some deodorant. i am all for honesty. it's the only way to really get things done.

if you're just bothered that she doesn't smell all perfumey, then you're a douche and you should STFU.
does she stink? no. does she smell good? no.

it's one of those thing where i've gotten used to it though, so it's not as bad as when we first started fucking. it was pretty bad at first, but now it's just how she smells (which is bad).

she refuses to wear deodorant. she is not a hippy.
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