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indeed, it is the antiperspirent with the aluminium...

you should probably make sure shes not actually alergic to things like soaps and perfumes, because tho i know that you can get hyper-allergenic stuff, its expensive and hard to find something sexy

BUT! if shes not allergic, what you should do, is buy her perfume

simple BUT effective

because she will either feel obliged to wear it, because it was a gift from you, and if she doesnt wear it what you should do is go up to her and sniff, then make a sad face and be all like "oh, i thought you would have worn that perfume i got you, i smelt it and just thought of you"

its all in the manipulation!

(perfume suggestions: romance - ralph lauren, beautiful love - estee lauder or echo - davidoff)
I miss you WaD
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