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I picked up Starcraft with Brood War in a preowned games store today, I think it's about the forth time I've bought that game. It's so damn good!

I've been thinking of starting STALKER again with the Oblivion Lost mod. I fucking love that rough masterpiece. If anyone wants me, I'll be singing Russian folk songs around a camp-fire with heavily armed men playing guitar.

Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
Irroational? Not quite the right term there. And nope, I never really believed that you worked for or were in cahoots with Valve. Although your obvious shilling on their behalf was kind of funny, if not entirely informative! haha

You question whether or not I want the game? Oh contrare... I do want... I download, play, store, delete. Just like everyone else. I tend to get my games from places other than Steam, however, thats all.

On a side note, does anyone know of a good place for educational games? Grades 2-4? Free? Thanks!
Saying I'm 'obviously shilling' for Valve because I link to their deals (among others) sounds pretty irrational to me, you irrationally irrational man who is irrational. Irrational.

Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
Been playing Infinite Undiscovered for the xbox, got it ages ago but never really played it that much, but I have been playing it a lot lately since getting off school.

Pretty fun game, real time RPG that looks pretty and just just time sinking hack and slash for the most part, but still fun to play.

Playing the game however has reminded me of an annoying trend in games recently. I like long epic game, thus enjoying RPGs and what not and I used to always be very happy when I seen a game had two or more discs because it would mean many hours of fun but now days when a game has a few discs it gets my hopes up and I am always let down at how long they are, the focus on super high graphics seems to leave games feeling less full, the space that could have been used for hidden dungeons or side quests now seems to be spend making the games look pretty.

Maby its just me getting older but did 2 disc games always only boast about a 15-20 hour play time? and that's not speeding through the game, that's me playing leisurely through, seeing all the sights and trying not to miss anything.
What really annoys me is when games (mostly RPGs and MMOs) stretch themselves out to artificiality extend the play time - density of a world is more important than length penis joke

Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
I blame you for the ruination of my life. Just last night I had to turn the game off while the boyfriend weakly pushed at my hands feebly trying to stop me so he could go to bed. He hadn't blinked in, oh, an hour. You're the devil!! (or maybe Wishmaster...)
Haha, that's what Peggle does, think of those poor people who play Peggle inside World of Warcraft.

Oh and Stalin vs Martians is 60% off on steam. Buy it to annoy that douche bag unrealrob. Seriously, he said 'Oh contrare'.

I'm off to bed, I now have Russian music in my head.
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