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Originally Posted by lattaland View Post
I haven't been able to get it as of late. Very odd.

Back when I was 18-19, I used to buy dime bags in a flea market in the blackest black part of town. Now ah' days, I'd rather not do that. However, my prospects are pretty limited.
Originally Posted by PFT View Post
i need to find a new source, my friend has been fucking up lately, good luck to you sir in your quest for the greenest of greens.
WOW tell me about it. what is it about timing that makes this moment so...surreal

i just scored a couple of fivers and that was after weeks of holding onto month-old stash that wasn't tasting so great. everybody was apparently in a drought, even those who weren't usually out of green. SO surreal. BUT -- one of the big dawgs got caught, that's why the supply's been so tight.

Good thing I scored. And from peeps I trust. WERD.

OH and smoking down that old stash. Just to get rid of it. ACK...
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