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Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
I've tried the caps for the last six months. She chews them off or sheds them very quickly. I spent $3000 on new furniture recently and my $800 leather recliner is getting shredded. She's just too destructive. My apartment manager sent a letter a couple weeks ago complaining about damage to screens too, which is going to cost me. I'm required to have her claws capped or removed in my building. Every time a cap falls off she manages to do damage with the one or two that are exposed.

I'm open to suggestions, but I don't see an alternative. It's either get rid of the claws or get rid of the cat.
Getting your cat de clawed is not necessary. Any reason you’re doing it. My cat is a destructive asshole as well. Lucky for me he's a bitter not a scratcher. Have you heard of the Spray that stops cats from scratching stuff? If that doesn't work I guess you have to up the $500. Training cats isn't easy but it can be done.
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