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Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
Just the front. She's not old, probably 4 or 5. Not sure how old because I got her from an ex who got her from the pound. My ex got her two years ago as a severely overweight adult so I know she's at least three or four. She doesn't act old, she's playful. She isn't nearly as overweight any more, about 11lbs.
OK, that age means your vet is probably adding in additional painkillers and antibiotics. Does this also include any pre-surgical testing? If so, look into it and decide whether you really want to pay for that. If that price includes extra drugs for your cat's comfort and potential infection...that's not a bad price. Of course - you'll need to decide how you feel about prophylactic antibiotics. Ask for a line by line accounting of that price tag and see if they are adding in unnecessary test/drugs etc. Research research research. And then, if you still can't decide - PM me and I'll hook you up with my friend, the vet. She's not a fan of bill padding...
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Best thread title ever.
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