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Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
Have you ever noticed that two common insults are "little prick" and "big dick"? Neither of these, at least in that usage, are good things - and yet - men seem to need to brag about either. Really gentlemen, we're not surprised when you take your pants off - we are very very good at guessing by your personality. You don't have to give us any hints.
You've heard men brag about having a little prick?

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I dont even get why "cocksucker" is an insult. A cocksucker is a very good person in my view.
Preach, brotha.

Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
I only saw a few episodes of the show--but man, Powers Boothe practically croons that "cocksucker." I could listen to him say that all day.

As for the discussion--honestly, I don't recall ever trying to make my package sound bigger. From what I've seen, it's enough, about average, and I'm perfectly fine with that.
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