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Originally Posted by fubaya View Post
Alan Carr's book, The Easy Way To Stop Smoking
I was ready to quit, just feared it was impossible, since I tried and failed so many times before. Someone gave me this book and said I would quit the day I finished the last page in the book. I thought they were full of shit, and read it just to prove them wrong.

At the last page, I crushed out my last cigarette and haven't had one for 5 years. And quitting was actually a good experience. I felt better every day, I wasn't in cold sweats like the times before. No insomnia, etc.

I've given out 3 or 4 copies to friends that wanted to quit since, telling them it would make them quit. None believed me, but it worked for all of them. (I did give it to a guy who didn't want to quit, and he didn't quit. So make sure the person wants to.)
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