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I wasn't a heavy smoker, and I didn't smoke for very long, but quitting was really hard for me, despite the fact that I had asthma, and at some points, couldn't breath normally without wheezing.

I asked a friend of mine who had quit for years how she had done it, and she told me that she prayed every morning for God to take the obsession away from her. I felt really stupid doing it, especially since I didn't really believe in God at the time, and I've never believed in that kind of God at all, but I wanted to quit smoking so I was willing to try anything.

The last cigarette I smoked was the end of a pack I found in my car on a Thursday of July, 2003. I'm not saying that God did it, in fact I think I'd just never wanted to quit like that before.

Coincidentally, the woman that told me that started smoking again a couple of years ago.
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