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Originally Posted by Subsonix View Post
Cold Turkey.

Fucking hard.
This is the way I would recommend.

Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
So what's the book about? Specifically. Reasons to quit smoking?

I quit but I use Skoal several times per day. Skoal is a lot cheaper and less devistating to your health, but like it says on the can: not a safe alternative. I tried Snus but it doesn't give as satisfying a dose of nic as traditional snuff.

When I quit smoking the only thing that worked well was replacement. First I used patches but as soon as I stopped using the absurdly expensive patches the craving would return. Patch-induced nightmares are terrible too.

Snuff gives you replacement without the drug side effects of the patches. It is better than smoking and you won't find yourself using it nearly as much as smoking. It isn't socially acceptable around or for women, but it works well as an occasional satisfying nicotine dose.

After several years of using a can every three days, I don't have any oral problems from it, but I am a pretty frequent brusher.
If you fail at cold turkey try this one.

Disclaimer: I've never been hooked on smoking/tobacco. I've dipped from time to time because it helps me stay awake during long drives. I also enjoy a good cigar from time to time.
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