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I smoked for several years, then got tired of it and "weened" myself off. I first started by not smoking in the spot that I smoked the most, my car. Then I cut down at breaks and at home. It took some time but I eventually got down to 1 cig a day and gave it up that way. I'm smoking again due to the divorce and bankruptcy and other issues. But I'll quit again someday.

A guy I know quit when he had been smoking for over 40 years. He got this copper bracelet thing as a gift or something and didn't realize that it was making the cigs taste bad and quit that way.

I heard that pill is bad for you, I know a bunch of people that were on it and they started to have suicidal thoughts and got off it right away.

Find a comfortable way for you to quit and then just do it that way. It's hard as hell, but it can be done.
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