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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Yeah, okay. I think someone who can go bowling with fake friends in a video game is enough of a nerd to appreciate a traditional fantasy setting.

The reason GTA has more emotive NPCs is because they have like 1/100th of the amount of NPCs in Oblivion, and yet still half the fucking dialog was bland and boring as shit.

And you want to talk about generic settings? Holy shit Liberty City SUCKS. That game was ruined by one of the most bland environments I've ever played in.
That's ridiculous. Liberty City is what makes GTA IV. That city is so packed full of details and back alleys and sights to see that you could wander for hours and not see it all, as opposed to being populated with random cave/mine #1 and #2 or an ongoing field with the occasional tree or wolf or goblin. And the pedestrians react to situations accordingly, they walk around the city having conversations with each other or on cell phones, they have jobs, and act hilariously as you nudge them around with your vehicle. And to talk about bland dialog, I can't believe you can ignore the absurd conversations in Oblivion. I laughed out loud several times watching my wife play that game.
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