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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
(Speaking of bias) You'd first have to explain what in my post defined me as "whiney bitch" to you, it was all questions.

I nominate this thread to be the new SNA.

I just ate three baby carrots with a small glass of soda. I don't care much for soda, it's just a caffeine delivery system to me, but I especially dislike it because it made me burp, which made some tiny bits of carrot come back up in my mouth, making me feel like a cow prepping something to send to my 2nd stomach.
Your questions were a little on the whiney side. You know like when your kid (well you probably don't know, but you can imagine) says "whhhyyyy? But whhhhhyyyyy?" over and over again when you ask them to do something. Questions can definitely be whiney.

I am thinking of having a coffee and a jam scone. My BF is working from home today and I'm off work sick, so I think I shall make him some nice morning tea

How did you enjoy 'down under'? Did you come to New Zealand? Try marmite/vegemite? How was the beer in Oz?
Team MARMITE Great in bread
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