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Originally Posted by RealEmotionX View Post
So, I am going to start applying for colleges this year!

I wanna go for a BFA, but I am not good enough yet to apply for art school! So I wanna go to a normal university for a year or two before applying to art school.

Anyone have any suggestions for schools or advice for this process, please drop a line!
well the fact that you're in wyoming should make you want to apply to school on either one of the coasts lol.

Im going to be going to UC Irvine in the fall and I'm really happy with that. My older sister went to UCLA and loved it there too. My middle sister went to a private school around where we live and that was fine for her too.

But if you want to save money then its probably better for you to go to a community college close to where you live. that way you can save money for art school instead of being in debt even before you go.
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